I am delighted and honored to participate in this distinguished third Summit between India and Africa. It is a privilege and an honour to be at this historical meeting between two ancient partners which between them have the fastest growing economies in the world. Our two sides relations are built on a deep heritage and culture of mutual respect, partnership and cooperation to seek a future of unlimited possibilities

With growing populations and growing economies, India and Africa have no time and no excuses not to work ambitiously towards creating solid partnerships and cooperation opportunities based on mutual respect and common goals of prosperity and peace.

We have been actively developing our people, and fostering opportunities that will allow us to forge a new place in history: not of colonized nations, or fragile States, but as democratic nation states, deliberate about engaging the world, seizing opportunities for our people, our ideas and energetically claiming our future.

We must look to ourselves and each other and get on with giving our people the
future they deserve.


Speech President of the F R of Somalia India-Africa Forum Summit New Delhi, India

We share common concerns of ensuring our youth the jobs and meaningful work opportunities that will keep them gainfully employed and positively contributing to society; we share the common concerns of feeding our populations sustainably without creating undue burden on our environments; we share the common concern of needing to rapidly develop infrastructure and manufacturing whilst contributing to the health of our planet; we share the common concern of ensuring free markets and mutually beneficial trade based on sound and healthy domestic economies.

Africa has much to learn from India. India has been able to lift millions of peopleout of poverty through industriousness and innovation. India creates products and services that are in demand from the rest of the world. Africa must learn from this.

Africa must move beyond dependence on development aid. We must stop taking, and start creating. As a continent, we must improve productivity, harness our creativity, use our location and demand innovation in the service of prosperity.

Today, India is using its progress to help reduce poverty in Africa and other places.

We all acknowledge that India has invested unprecedented resources in Africa.

This has had a positive impact on Africa’s sustainable development growth.

This has not just been achieved through the provision of aid and development funding as valuable as this is, but also through what might even be a more valuable to Africa in the long-term, the extending of education opportunities to African students to study in India.

This gift of knowledge will be what provides a solid foundation for Africa’s growth in the future. A real example of India’s educational contribution to Africa is myself standing here in front of you as a graduate of an Indian University 27 years ago not as an ordinary student but a civil servant that was provided a public service.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

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